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ViViD TOUR 2012 [Welcome to the ROCK★SHOW] 2012/07/01 at Tokyo International Forum Hall A

source: Music Japan Plus

— ViViD TOUR 2012 [Welcome to the ROCK★SHOW]
2012/07/01 at Tokyo International Forum Hall A

ViViD had just released their very first full album “INFINITY” on June 27th 2012, when they headed out to their first hall tour throughout the country. With a full set of new songs they toured Osaka, Nagoya and eventually Tokyo for the finale at International Forum Hall A. Despite it being an important step for ViViD as a band, the atmosphere seemed to be filled with joyful excitement, rather than with nervous tension to the outcome. Cheers echoed through the hall as soon as heavy beats and laser lights filled the hall for the members’ welcome.

Opening the set with “live your life”, ViViD started out with full power and Shin fired up the crowd, which responded with great enthusiasm. Well known songs like “BLUE”, which had long found the way into the hearts of the fans, were presented with ease and received with head banging and shouts. Reno and Ryoga supported Shin with backing shouts, while flawlessly adding delicate guitar solos to aggressive riffs. The rhythm section with Iv and Ko-ki added their parts for the sound, with well balanced bass lines and nicely accentuated drum fills.

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